Impact Home

You can choose whether to show the menu entry for the home page, in order to make the way to go back to the home page clearer. It will always be possible to go back to the home page by clicking on the site title on the left.
[Home page options > Options and image]

The background image for the header is the same for every page. It can be both a jpeg (.jpg) image and a flash animation (swf)
[Home page options > Options and image]

The images on the left can be from one to six, rotating in a slideshow with a a fade effect.
The slideshow images are the ones of the first six sections that have an image.
  • To modify or remove an image you can simply double click on it when it's visible, or enter its section and click on the blue button of the bar "page options"
  • To add a new image to the slideshow (if you haven't still reached the maximum number of six) you may simple double click the gray image with the EditArea logo when it shows up, or enter the first section without an image and click on the blue button of the bar "page options"
  • Images match the ones visible at the base of the Institutional home. You may switch to "institutional", manage your images and go back to "impact"

The title of this block gives the html title for the page. If text exceeds the available space, a scrollbar will appear

Home page blocks, they can be modified with a double click and show scrollbars if the text exceeds their space.

Text shown here is very important since it's repeated in every page under the left menu. This space may be single, split in two (as in the photo) or in three parts.
[Home page options > Options and image]

This is the same site title that is on the top left, it's shown again here  lighter and cropped as a graphic element

Under the home page you can add Sotto alla Home è possibile as many blocks as you want combining them and choosing their width and image.