Inserting a DWF file

The DWF (Design Web Format) format is a file format useful for those who want to publish projects (eg created with Autocad) on the web.

Next you'll find the instructions on how to use Autodesk's free viewer that doesn't need any software installation.
For more information, visit:

You can allow the viewers of your site to view a DWF file following this procedure:

  1. go to document management ("Admin" > "documents")
  2. push on the  button of the bar under the "Image" section
  3. select the document from your computer by clicking on the "browse..." button and press "enter"
  4. double click on the loaded document
  5. copy the shown address (/res/site...)
  6. go back to site design
  7. go to the page you want to insert the DWF file in
  8. edit the text block tou want to insert the file into
  9. click on
  10. copy the following code and paste it inside the "source code" window


<iframe width="500" height="500" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

Then, change the text highlighted in red ( with the address of the file you just copied from your site's address.

For example: