Image archives

Renew and enrich your website with free images, drawings and photos!
Here's a list of several sites that offer copyright-free images:


You can also search for free images via Google, by correctly setting the filters to make sure you'll only obtain copyright-free photos in your searches.
To set the filters for image search:

  1. Go to the advanced image search page:
  2. In the first field enter the name or the type of image you wish to search for (eg: "Dog", "Food", "Network" etc.)
  3. In the "Usage Rights" select the most appropriate option, keeping in mind the use they're meant for (if yours is a personal, a commercial or a company site) and if you will modify it or use it as it is.
  4. Click on "Google Search" and you will obtain a list of images that match your request, and copyright-free. Then you will just have to select the one you prefer, copy its link or save it and add it to your EditArea website.