Home page options

You can reach the home page options panel by clicking on the   button from the button bar of the home page itself.


Home page title 
It's the text that will be shown both in the browser window when you view the home page, and on the header menu button if you chose to make it visible (see "options and image" on this page).

Page title
It's shown in the page as the first text entry.

For the "Classic", "Pop" and "Fusion" themes: you can decide whether to show the home page entry in the menu.




The home page description is shown in a specific area of the home itself, depending on the type of home you choose (see "options and image" on this page).

Page structure and menu

Page structure and menu
you can choose among 4 different home page styles:
  1. Institutional
  2. Impact
  3. Contents
  4. Free

Site Menu

With the Classic, Pop and Fusion themes, the site menu is positioned horizontally in the top part of the site under the header.

With the Dixieland and Techno themes, it's positioned vertically on the left of the site and you can choose among several visualisation types, depending on the selected home page:
  • Home Page with Institutional, Impact or Content style: menu stays on the left, and is fixed
  • Home Page with Free style: menu is compact but when the mouse is passed over it the menu entries will expand

Image gallery

From this label you can add the photos of an images folder to the bottom of the current page. Every image will be inserted into a new block with the settings you can decide below. Al massimo possono essere inserite 30 immagini in ciascuna pagina.

For every image you just need to select:
  • the image folder to take the photos from
  • highlight options (yes/no)
  • block width
  • wheter to show the image title as the block title

Once you've set your preferences, click on "Add folder images"
Search engines

Search engines

Keywords are used by search engines to retrieve information on the contents of a page. These words will be inserted in the html code and will not be directly visible to the viewers of the site.

Same for keywords, a field used by search engines, inserted in the html code and not visible to the viewers of the site.

Engines text
Within this field, write a text (a few lines long) that synthesizes thoroughly the content of the page / site / home page. The content of this field will be only shown as an alternative to the flash sections for browsers that can't execute javascript and flash code.