Creating e-mail aliases

You can create aliases for your e-mail addresses, from the mail control panel provided by EditArea.

An alias is useful to create a "fake" email address that will deliver all the messages sent to it to one or more real email addresses.

We remind you that to be able to perform this operation you have to activate the management of the control panel for the email addresses for your domain: if you wish, you can ask for its activation to our support team.

  • From your email control panel click on "New alias".
  • Enter the name for the alias you want to use, and click on"create".
  • In the next page, enter the address or the real addresses (one at a time) that you want to link the alias to, then click on "Add"
  • When you're done adding addresses, click on "back to accounts"
  • You can remove the alias you created or one or more addresses linked to it anytime, by clicking on the red "X" button.

Once you've created the alias, you can for example enter it as the email address in the "user data" section of your site's administration: all the messages concerning your subscription and the information entered by the viewers of your site via contact forms will be sent to all the addresses you've linked your alias to.